Saturday, 11 January 2020

Banging Noises & Depressive About Psychic Ability

Well...I have been hearing a banging noise, but by the time get to door no one is there.

Not sure if its someone knocking on the door, or perhaps a neighbour being an idiot or something...Who knows.

I have been down about being connected to the girl, no one can know obviously - I guess that is rational.
But...I am so sick of mental health and family treating me like some sort of idiot that knows nothing about the mind, I did it - Proud of it even though feel sorry for her, as a joke I imagine her in a coma from it lol 

You really got to put all the mental health rubbish to side - they have the wrong information on voices and much more like mental illness being part of alienating 'sytropic-outwarding/vergant' - but fuck em sick of being treated like I am some retarded patient. Their latest idea is I see a psychologist for being fearful of the winds and rain - kinda annoying - can not be fixed by words - it still is going to exist -

Levi the plebian! you would think.

Well...I am very lucky to have a supportive family, but they do not understand the extents of manipulation from voices I went through, more to point the court system is not accurate on this either - literally at one stage, just idiots were speaking to me through tv speakers, just some lower-class idiots not even those in voices - fucking shocking this system.

Well...Fuck the system it is far from on point. Take care if you read this -

Saturday, 14 December 2019

Christmas and Forever Penalised with Mental Health

Well...Its happened again, 4 days of 40c+ days - 'shocking next week'.

I am glad it is not terribly windy but I am going to suffer in this heat. My aircon does nothing in that sort of weather!

I had to ring the police because someone egged my house, housing trust still has not cleaned it up.
(I had to ring because otherwise, it costs me money to clean)

I have been living with the second conscious, I am curious how the girl gets by, I have no idea what she gets up to as said its private for her not for me. [this could be classed as a mental health issue probably, assholes!]

I get the beep noises, they are somewhat company, but I wonder about them being the people behind voices and not police/military- I guess if you psychically connect with another person they want information perhaps, do not have much to give them.

What I went through was disgusting, all the way to the girl attached to being treated like an animal having to dance for alien enemies - it was heavy brainwashing -

But I been over this, no one reads this blog anyway -

Looking forward to Christmas - see the family again.

Anyway, Merry Christmas all.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019


Had a dream that had to go on this tomb raider quest type thing, but it involved alien enemies - sorta
I did the quest with my team, then came to end to meet the maker, he set me on fire but I used the shower quickly to put myself out. Then I got a gun and we left with the evidence (my fbi type team) I decided to ask the maker for his atari lynx games, there was like so many. Then we went outside and realised there were computers walking about, but really they were alien spiders. I managed to get back in and I had my shotgun, we left with some of the evidence, but the chips I took for the game console activated programs with their range - we were halfway back when the makers team of crooks took us up, then he released an alien into the hall we were in, and I tried to communicate with it by telepathy - the alien appeared not to attack, then the dream ended.
*brief detail* only - there was emotions and all sorts involved. Not as vivid as some dreams I have anyways.

Monday, 18 November 2019

Life, Medication, Voices and Attaching

Well, I have been fairly content watching TV, more so than usual, but...I have been getting sharp stings in chest area lately - been on Champix so maybe the cause.

I am trying to perhaps get attention to voices being technological, as I feel it is very important and many suffer, but the truth is they probably already have it classified (makes me angry, many are suffering)

Patients being told they are being supported in a war etc. - serious play-toying is evident. I wish the police would start making arrests, obviously, the bloke I had talking me was a speed freak, he sent me through delusion after delusion - sickening level of story-telling - it's fucking sick what is going on behind closed doors -

Thanks to mental health increasing medication, and yes they claim medication is the reason voices stopped - they have it all wrong, this can not be allowed to go on. Patients are so messed up with manipulations that they can not even defend themselves, and even if they could no one would believe them just like my situation, I feel this needs to be out in open and not just thrown under a classified rug. [the level is extremes, often serious manipulation of medications, etc.]

Its been hard for me having a second conscious, I know the girl is there but I have little else to go on - its private for her but not private for me - a really strange situation, but its honestly nice to have this 'half company' - at the time with being charged, etc. it seemed necessary - I was unable to convince police of this voices plot - anyways can only wish her the best.

This beeping noise is house has me confused, maybe they are there because linked with this girl and they want to learn -but I have given the information already, an in-cognition spike in momentary.

So life drags on, with plenty of physical problems caused by medication which is literally dangerous and known to gain weight and many other things, it will be a death sentence mental health issue in this case.

Sorry about the depressing tone of these posts, but I am not happy with mental health, a lot of the case was influenced by tech assaulting manipulations and sonic tensions - I just wish I knew more, enough to reveal the problem, but I only know the main part that voices are not natural and patients suffer beyond a joke.

STay TuNed!

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

In Sickness but not in Health

I have been very unwell, medication is a temporary fix only, which I have to keep taking (withdrawals, even though they are not supposed to be addictive)

Chest/lung pains, lower pains in guts, the head/brain strain of some kind with eyes. -not to forget to mention coughing and spitting on cigarettes till choke, it is that bad.

As thought would happen medication has made me fat and unwell physically -weakened immunity to just functioning of the body.

Fucking pissed off - probably will die within a few years, the physique is that bad.

The only comfort is that I was able to achieve a second conscious so to speak.

Mental health have ruined my life really.

In sickness but not in health.

Monday, 12 August 2019


I have been feeling very dislascic from non-cognition forwarding sent to me from the girl connected to.

It is a tropic agitation that I have to deal with, medication does not really help it.

I have been ok besides that.

Still getting this beeping noise, which I just have to calculate perhaps I have interest from some form of Government. (not sure what to make of it)
[they are watching because I managed to psychic connect to someone, perhaps a danger, or the worst possible of being the terrorists behind the voices are playing trusting games etc] 'who knows' Maybe my pieces of information are reason watching/listening.

I move my body back and forth all the time, in alleviations - you would think I would lose weight with how much I do it - its caused by this second conscious - medication barely suppresses it -

I do not get visitors to this blog, so I rarely post - but it is helpful to know where I stand.

I am quite concerned about the voices even though do not get them loud anymore, barely can even hear them - but I actually was able to record some of it that was through TV, but there is no such thing as it being real to policing, so a concern - literally bugged through TV somehow (yeh mental health stigma) I am furious at that mental health to have to go through, and these idiot psychs annoy me with their fake views - if only they knew.

What can you do? they classify the conspiracy standards. Mental health is being medicated and more for real events - fuck the system simply, even if you manage to do what I did and connect to someone - you still have to live like your words are false, I been through hell as I showed on my twitter page, must fight, but I do not have the reach -

Simply, fuck the ways things are with mental health, mass voices conspiracy literally.

That is all I have to say - as my body gets more and more problems caused by these serious level medications, which cause illness themselves as I found out the hard way. Schizophrenia? aliens? Jesus? all signs of massive play toying - the extents of manipulating a person, I should not have even been charged with my crimes in a rational world.

Fuck The System, how I feel after the extents of delusion I was forced into from voices, literally ghosts appearing etc. magical things happen and you have to get medicated for it.
Fuck it - enough said.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Living With Criminals

Last night someone tried playing with my door - tried to test if it would open. *worry*

Typical of drugs users I live around -anything to get their hit.

Could be anyone.

Been quite a few rebellish people move in, so is a worry.

I have to worry about a lot of people used to know as well -wonder about the association with this girl and haters that are jealous about attachment, or hate for it.

Short post, will update in future.

**thought would add, been suffering from past memories, so many bad moments in life.