Monday, 3 December 2018

Cough, Cough, Cough!

**11.10 4/12/2018: headaches for afternoon/evening - I relate it to the attachment to this girl

Having problems with my lower chest (abdomen?) have to keep re-straightening up myself -

Now and then I cough non-stop, perhaps no-doz is weakening my system, when have a hit of tobacco tonight I keep coughing badly.

Teh' last couple of nights I have been waking up coughing - could be asthma -

Although I have had no confirmation, some of my info-graphics are 'alien' - I have been wondering about this. Perhaps they also have a non-interference policy - they seemed to visit though briefly. [asnetics, connective race]

Just been watching a lot of TV [news, crime shows etc.] but I think it's going to be an early night tonight.

My lasts posts were a bit dramatic, but I am not altering them - 'who knows the situation'.

Looking forward to cuddling my pillow - ZzZzzzZz night.

Friday, 30 November 2018

The Long Train

Well at least its been fairly quiet around here - but I been getting all sorts of physical problems - so just to sum up -chest pains, head pains and eyes straining - Not sure if its related to the 'no-doz' i been taking.

I don't believe I will live long, all these body pains added up does not look good for me.

I have had scan after scan, but everything checks out - the other night was bad internal agony.

I thought would note these pains - mental health injections probably caused these issues (I have no proof its neighbours, and I suppose that's just being paranoid, although would not put it past them)

Now that I been on medications for years my health has taken a turn for worst, probably because the reason was voice manipulations and spraying the house with industrial chemicals (they just overlapped medications for no reason) so I want it noted that mental health treatment for voices, and simply its not in your own head, its technical - I think the police should be investigating voices on a serious scale, but I bet it gets nowhere. (classification instead of investigating) its terror like unreal levels and they would be smart to start making arrests - but you are probably talking serious level technology 'recipient-tech' i believe its called.

I have tried to report voices, but what do you do - people kill and die from voices - it's not justice its probably well covered up.

Fantropic manipulations have many believing they are Jesus in the military - literally classified level stories with visions - I wish I had the information behind it, I would release it - So basically I have been medicated for assaulting people, even them talking through TV (different levels)
The voice plot is deep - and sadly probably classified - disgusting abuse they encourage really.

What can you do? I will die in the next few years - too many years falsely medicated. Mistreatment reigns.

Physically I'm ruined - thanks to a forced service that thinks they know best - voices attacked me hard because of my level of awareness and how I fight it - they really did a death notice on me.

I still wonder about the time I spent in the house seemingly with a child and a person who called himself god - mental health have it as a hallucination (it certainly was not) the weakness and illusionary state was probably being drugged up - and I wonder who was behind it - if it was because of the girl attached to, did she try linking me to the child so we would not be linked, or to spread more into a net to have me blamed.

I try to be nice to the girl attached to, but it's on way really only, I have no clue about her. What I have been through is hell, literally psychotropic fandoms - probably all up and being medicated for the intent of assailants I will die in the next few years - its been hell physically.

I am not happy and I do not want to die, I fear it - but its obvious to me these triculac*/triscenic (poison, medications)  will kill me - too long on medication that tends to literally act like a strictnine on the body (heart sped up, extreactment attach to 'half' female) these medications can have a strict* effect on body.

So that's all I want to say, police classification is probably the reason I am going to die, just to make it known. Like a many before me to be honest. The manipulations were impossible for me to avoid, so to be modest others stand no chance with these triotricite fandoms (they are literally using classified extremities on people)

#Sad - this may be my last Christmas with family judging by physical body - why I am worried/paranoid about neighbour, I can not afford or be able to withstand even minor poisoning ( who knows how far he would go but reported him for child abuse (who knows if went anywhere, or was even listened to) - who knows the extents of vengeance - who knows if he did or not, but I gather he would have abused his nieces (anyways don't really want to know)

So its #sad times - perhaps not even a year left in the body (thanks mental health, you lot are simply dummies for none of you knowing voices are technological, not one of you is smart enough, supposed to be experts of the mind) What a failure - enough said.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Who Knows - Problems With Chest

Thought would note I am constantly worried about being poisoned by neighbour. Funny smells and problems breathing -- I would not put it past him looking to interfere judging by past events. [hammering violently on the wall, kicking screen door noises, seemingly yelling out] but not for a while, perhaps a pause to get revenge (calculation) 'who knows' --

So struggling to breathe with problems in the chest somewhere - opened up the door and turned on exhaust fan -- could maybe just be these years of weight gain and anti-psychotics have caught up to me.

I have to be careful anyway - but as the title said 'who knows' but worth noting.

I did spray the house with some cheap fragrance 'who knows' -

Thursday, 15 November 2018

All Quiet On The Western Front

Its been quiet around the place lately. Not sure why the neighbour is calmed down maybe someone rang the police on him.

Have not been up to much, just watching a lot of SVU and a few others like NCIS, NCIS:LA and Law and Order and Law and Order: Criminal Intent (not so much CSI now I got bored of the investigating side of it) Sometimes I watch Hawaii 5.0 which is 'ok' not great.

I have been fatigued completely but physically better place than I was, after being prescribed Vitamin C and D.

I have been off weed now for like 6 months or more - but have replaced it with alcohol, which I am struggling to not buy. (one cask of 2 litres a week, usually 1 and a half litre for one night) then rest of time I am straight.

It is an interesting situation I am in with attachment to a female (can seemingly not be proven) it is nice anyway to have company but my side if diminished in this connection, I have not learnt really anything about her besides she is a good person, just a perception she is nice (i think) no way to really tell. [luckily its private for her not for me]

As I said in the previous post, neighbours hate my guts - luckily rarely hear from them they are on heavy drugs usually anyway.

My radio is 'going' not necessarily going well. I also lack the energy to write anything of depth or pieces of information with detail - I have not had any/much insight of value from the news for writing stories I see of value - who knows how long before inspiration strikes me, I seemed to have gone downhill with mental abilities [yet psychiatrist says improvement, any sedated mind they judge as being an improvement most likely, I hold anger about this-]

Well...back to Law and Order: Criminal Intent that is on TV - my plan is to write an article on directive psychology in the next few days, something I can kinda be knowledgeable on. [already done anyways in info-graphics]

Take care if anyone reads this! Cya till next time!

Friday, 9 November 2018

Trouble in China-Town

Neighbours affray.
Tonight there has been a hell of a lot of things happening, first of all, it started in the afternoon, a neighbour started hammering on the wall (this usually happens when he wants to teach a lesson for something deluded) I have not talked to neighbour much - few sentences in a year at best.
First, the hammering started as said, then shouting obscenities. I gathered he was in one of his moods where flips. I tried to ignore it but it went on for hours, I was ready to call the police, to be honest. To make it worse him or someone he knows (most likely) kicked my door hard and fast creating a frightening scene - eventually I went out to check but no one was out there.

Its been a long night - heard some sort of junkie mocking going on 'mocking crying' and crying noise for ages or discomfort at least - I been paranoid he was abusing a woman I know but got no way of knowing - 'so staying out of it'.

It's now 4.13am and it has finally calmed down around here - been a long night (I been staying up nights) I was in a fair bit of anguish with the noises coming from there, to be honest.

There was a point where neighbour downstairs hammered on the roof above (my floor) and neighbour then hit my wall once, like a team effort sort of thing or the neighbour downstairs was just getting sick of the hammering and responding, to which I do not know.


Life has been pretty bad, been drinking a lot, but have not smoked weed in like 8 months. (I do enjoy it but not worth the risk, the waiting game drama's) So been a drunk pretty much.

I am still living under the assertion of a second conscious, sad to say a girl I attached to, but there is no confirmation so who knows - I live with the female second conscious.

My site does low-to-medium really, I get stuff all interaction - kinda feel like I failed with it.'s something to keep me busy. Now running the radio again which is nice to just sit back and listen to the decent sized and differentiating playlist. (get to know new music, chart hits)

Unfortunately, the neighbours around here do not like me and call me all sorts of bad names (probably since I went affray with the neighbour) I am sure the neighbour is the one making life difficult for me - but meh, living around junkies of all kinds so best to keep to myself.

I have to live with traumatic events/memories after was brainwashed severely from this 'Voices' thing which I know is technology but you can not convince anyone so it's like a constant degrade to your perspective by others.

I went through hell and as you can see from image underneath I fight to make it known, not only on my news blog but also my actual twitter profile.

All in all - life is pretty bad and I live in constant anger about being raped by an aboriginal woman in c3 ward years ago. They had me so drugged up then I did not know who or what was going on.

It's nice to have a friendly girl in my thoughts - unfortunately, as I planned from the 'non-cognition' event, its private for her but not for me [psychtro-propherix-entalume - species]
The company is nice but I have not learned anything much about her, all I get is huffs and puffs and a perception she is there (I wonder if this is real how she copes with this massive impact)
I suppose I learned from minimum that she is a really nice person!

Well..that's it - will keep posting on this blog so stay tuned!

Blog Started

My last blog was too personable - so starting this blog (I lost access to the old blog so do not hold me accountable for what I can not change)

Documentation starts!