Tuesday, 12 March 2019

The 'Keeping Me Alive'

After all I been through, it is a nice surprise now and then to realise I have a decent girl attached to me.

I suffer from mistreatment for voices and many other things, I used to hold such rage at a girl in past for messing with me when younger, though really I brought it on myself through harassment.

It's just lovely to sit back and think after my shockingly miserable life 'I have a girl close' even though second thought is usually it reveals nothing about her. [she knows what I am up to but not me knowing what she is up to] it's very distant.

Of course, there is an afterthought that it is not real, that its all part of voices brainwashing (recipient technology I believe) but I end up thinking that it is real, even though I heard nothing to that effect.

It's just nice sometimes to share, even though its only one way (wish it was not) but then if it was not one way it would be very intrusive  -- you have to worry that the insight could have you seen as an animal really, what goes on beyond closed doors (farting, chewing nails etc.)

It is just nice to think, one person knows I am smart enough to do something pretty much godly. (vanity relief perhaps)

Because of this 'skill', I achieved - its just nice to think I can achieve something.

Will update more in future. BLOG!

Monday, 25 February 2019

The Hot Weather

Its been shocking lately in the house, the hot weather is creeping up on me.

I am still sometimes getting a beeping noise in the house, which I relate to being police, not sure why I think this I guess they think my case is alien perhaps. They missed all the action anyways when I had ghosts turn up (classified as mental health)

I am still connected to this girl, I can't see any reason why that would change. Its only one way thought, she can read me and I just have a slight awareness she is there, but its private for her not for me.

Just drinking some pine and mango soda at moment, trying to stay cool with a huge week of hot temps on the horizon.

I am really angry about mental health and the way aliens visiting or ghosts etc. is just classed as mental health problems -seems anything abnormal is classed as mental health and the only people that know any different is probably security agencies (which pisses me off they are allowing such mistreatment of the fact) -What can you do? -I just try to bring attention to it with my site but I don't have the reach.

And they wonder why I used non-cognition height to connect with a girl - such mistreatment.
I gather the security agencies see this voices technology as needs to be kept quiet - fucking assholes mass mistreatment - yes the person gets anxious but it's from a culprit obviously - #massvoicetechnology (beep noise here showing the appearance of agreeable)

About the beeps, they missed the time where my head was on fire and needed to make a wired crown to put on the head - for relief and yes it relieved - some sort of electric-wave they mess up your mind with?

I am just living in pissed off states, constantly the rape of me by an aboriginal girl in the ward years ago brings out such hate in me -not happy when reported they did nothing I know it really happened to have the abusive memories of the incident.

All I have to my name is the fact I connected to this girl, I have no idea who it is though -seldom comforts really.

Well that is about all, will write another post soon but I am not getting visitors here anyways.

Stay Cool, and I will try to do the same in this shocking heat! :)

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Beep Beep Noises (tap, tap, tap)

I have been getting beeping noises lately, my thinking is police taps? but how could it be I know this is wrong thought.

I am not sure why suddenly they are doing it, the voices have almost completely ceased (volume not audible) less than whispers. [no dummy its technology, not a mental problem]

I have had some energy to write posts for the blog but nothing like I used to. Medication is a problem causing a thoughtless state of mind - not happy. [technology used to convict/treat a person] ANGER...

In good news, I have had some luck with ranking in Bing and Yahoo also DuckDuckGo, but... no luck even listing for my keywords in Google [example: I am ranking on the first page in Bing.com for 'australia latest news' 3rd page for 'australian latest news']

I am still having problems mentally, perhaps sign of mental deficiency to come; an agitation mentally, showering a lot - not sure if its because the second conscious girl is taking drugs! who knows... up to her. [ it must be a lot of drama being connected in somewhat way ]

Well, I am plodding along, staying alive by watching Star Trek...will update this blog later, keep an eye out, not that I get any visitors.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

On The Mend

Mostly I been feeling better, but I am taking more medication. Every day I rely on medication to conquer anxiety, and it is not really designed for that [as of late]

An agitation state or reflex of mind seems to be bothering me -not sure if its related to this girl I share the conscious with. (reflex-strinct, fear-to-alleviation, parallalax*)

There has been hot weather hit Adelaide, and I am looking forward to a cool change tomorrow. Been awkward in this heat, trying to drink plenty of cordial (water and juice)

I sent a post on Twitter to #sunriseon7 but probably seen it as mental health, I try to fight the good fight for mental health fairness since most of these patients are incapable -but I fail the reach due to not being popular.

I hope/pray one day there is proper justice, but asking the police to reveal that mental health is being tapped/bugged with advanced technologies is impossible to reason with. [what they keep classified]
-and yet this is seen as mental health stating its a conspiracy, but it really is. [anger!]

It really disturbs me that an entire masses has got people talking to them [why can they not see its technology? - pretty simple to think something is not right in my opinion, psychiatry are that hopeless]

I have been content a little, but still, don't know what to do with myself. Medication seems to have left me de-personalised from my surrounds, hard to even enjoy TV. I also lack the energy to do things in detail on my site, I'm sick of the way treated by psychiatrists -forced onto heavy loads of medications from voice manipulations.

At the end of the day, I am happy to be spending time with this girl in conscious but I learn nothing about her which really sucks. [me and my thoughts/plans on her privacy. eh]

Will update this blog on another day, sorry if it seems like this is standard mental craziness - but no it is not - happy Australia Day [coming]

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Dinner With Folks

I had dinner out with folks @ the Golden Grove Tavern, it was not a very good meal so my parents thought as well.

I am mostly hanging in there, this sickness has reflected into a bit of anxiety - don't want to tell mental health they over-react with everything and IMO it's probably who knows..but some sort of poisoning but that sounds mental health in itself so you can not win. I am just realistic since you're the dog (the person who calls cops) you got to expect hate on you, if people know you will call the cops then they rationalise other methods of impacting on you.

'who knows' -

Everything is perceived as mental health probably my news site as well... someone mentioned it was attempting to create enlightenment texts to show off - well a little show-off but it actually came from alien engagements - or so it seemed at the time. (which sounds mental health, the problem with doing this sort of thing)

So what I show off some basic language skills why not - but no one has actually responded, one person did and said it was too much text, but you get that.
More or less I want to provide a path to highlight alternate functions of the mind. I believe people can be psychic as that's the situation in with some hot girl (hot cakes!) Nah honestly, I stole her life. She knows everything about me, but I know nothing AT ALL about her. I made the connection that way 'Sy-Actuality, Reversional connesic' - It was supposed to be a way of proving to mental health I am not stupid 'in the back of their minds' but it just went on the quiet I gather the girl chose that path instead. It was supposed to be a way of interacting 'from such a shy person' - as I always knew there was more to things, and the circles (car running around) me was a way of proving that. But shit happens, things change. I learned she is actually quite nice and I suppose that is all I need to know really.

#stolenlife *shrugs* it was necessary at the time. Or so It seemed with how I was being treated for voices with the law (in your mind, no-no its technology) Frankly police at higher levels I figure have worked out its technology, but that sort of information they suppress and devour. (never see's the front end cops, people are left mistreated which I seem to want to fight against)

If you have not seen my site, do it AustraliaLatestNews.com - some fascinating thought insights you might like at the least.

So Yeh my body functions in a reversion of mind to the girl - really it does not help me because it's not exactly two way, its private for her, and yes after all this time, and going to spend time together I am curious about more, whomever it may be...I have not bothered to go looking like that may be against or not looked upon good by law after restraining order. It was a confusing time and simply voices manipulated the whole restraining order so obviously in my books its the work of a manacing individual (technological mastery, dilutionary manipulations)

Shit happens - but most of the anxiety has passed, but only hanging in there with meds, not sure what caused the latest spike of illness - but slowly getting it under control hopefully. It's not nice to be mentally agitated, which I do expect a certain amount sharing a conscious (reversion and forwarding)

Still getting physical restriction issues on the body (liver? appendix? something anyways) Might see GP about it again.

All in all the dinner with family went ok - but was very tiring - I was fatigued by the end. Oh and I had an Angus beef snitzel with diane sauce - was still good food, not great.

What does the future hold? At this time I do not see a successful site.

Plodding along! Stay tuned for more from me over-time.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Inconspicuous Sickness

Well, I have been dealing with physical pains (gut area etc.) but its the mental that is impacting.

Been having a lot of automatic (strictness body) showers -anxiety has been affecting me.

Not sure why it started - I am just wishing it was not some sort of poison because the last time (sprayed house with industrial spider spray) it went bad with mental health - this lot would treat mental problems for any physical problem (you obviously can't trust them to listen or differentiate, they know of no different)

I have been hoping it goes away with medication each time, but it has not so thought would note it.

Its kind of an effect of alcohol when you had too much, but I have not had a drink since boxing day (yay me!)

Been agitating a little - been ringing grandma often (which she hates) ;

Hope it goes away.

Thursday, 27 December 2018

Merry Christmas But... Fuck The Systems Ways of Mistreatment

Well, I write this on the 28th.

Christmas was a wonderful time, lots of presents, food and drinks.

I had Christmas with the little ones - was lovely to see them again.

Its been tight Christmas period and I doubt I will have money to drink on new years so it will be a quiet night at home. (as usual)

I am still angry at the fact you can be severely brainwashed by voices and they appear to be classifying that, no sign I have got anywhere with my posts.

It's no wonder I connected to a female -I was left with little options after police started coming, not that it made a difference.

I figure I am not the first to use alienation (after distraction abuse, mental afflict) to connect to a girl.

I also have not heard anything about this -

I am totally annoyed that mental health have to suffer serious brainwashing to conspirital levels -literally brainwashed with fantropic-furtherant stories. It's bloody technology! #sick

As much as you can enjoy the odd movie or TV show, you know you were abused to untold levels and furthered into mental health treatments -It makes you suffer non-stop.

All I Want For Christmas Is Fairness For Mental Health - I am probably one of the only ones smart enough after treatment to report on the unfairness and injustices of mental health brainwashing. [probably partly due to having a backup conscious, the female]

It is enough to piss you off permanently.

Merry Christmas but... fuck mental health and police enforcers that came at the time of serious brainwashings - disgusting abuse. I could be dead, others have committed suicide or done crime resulting from the treatment they know is not just.

There needs to be a serious investigation into mental health brainwashings, signs of playtoying is obvious - #disgusting 'what people go through is serious and on the verge of alien level brainwashing from being so practised with overlaying perspective' - #sick

Enough said - Christmas was nice, but it is not nice for your own family to not know you were abused by offenders to extreme levels.

This should not happen, enough said. Happy Fucking New Year.